Branko's Sandwich Shop

Branko's Sandwich Shop is widely regarded as one of Chicago's favorites!  Here are some reviews Branko's Sandwich Shop has received in recent years.

Metromix Chicago
4 1/2 stars
Neighborhood: Sheffield/De Paul

This mom-and-pop establishment has been whipping up sandwiches for students and young professionals living in the shadow of DePaul University since 1976. If you're in the area--and have a hankering for gyros or Italian beef--the personal touch of the couple's service makes a short side trip down Fullerton worthwhile.

Simply the best burgers in Anystate. If you are looking for home made cooking, quickly head down to RJ's Anytown Grill. - Gomer Pyle, Anytown Gazette
The best French toast in Anytown can be found at RJ's Anytown Grill. Comfortable surroundings and a great menu make this your best choice for casual dining. - Sally Brown, Anytown Post
No better place to impress your guests. RJ's Anytown Grill is clearly an exceptional experience in Italian dining. The wine selection is outstanding as well. Delectable! - Brian Dunne, Anystate Times

Open everyday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
RJ's Anytown Grill
1234 Elm Street
Anytown, AA 12345

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